Artificial Instinct

Amotion Shiatsu

Two cultures 2000 years apart, placed on opposite sides of world, researched in the same direction to understand Nature’s behavior, an expression of TAO.

Around 200 years BC  Traditional Chinese Medicine developed  Wu Xing  also known as the Law of 5 Movements; in this theory five virtues, identified as water, wood, fire, earth, metal, are balanced for a reciprocal stability.

It is not easy for western people to understand Chinese thought, although literal translation could be correct, because original text is ideographic and each term should be interpreted within its context, not an easy task.

In order to facilitate comprehension, I have written this interpretation using human characters:  The Empire of Emotions .

After 2000 years, in November 1946 the British psychiatrist William Ross Ashby worked on a device able to adapt to its environment. Alan Turing wrote this letter to William R. Ashby suggesting the…

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