Three pillars of Intuitive Perception


Perception is a delicate signal to get, intuition is instead a creative act; they can be achieved through: uncertainty, gradient and genesis (1)

Cultivate uncertainty to never take anyting for granted; especially never be certain of the correctness of your action.

For example, during a treatment, moving receiver’s arm to a final position induces to pay attention to the destination and not to the movement; this approach engages operator’s will instead of activating his perception.

Acting without perception is a risk, because if the receiver has a shoulder pain he could have a start. This means that confidence will collapse.

Will and perception are as talking and listening: they are alterned.

It’s the doubt that generates sensibility; doubting the action triggers perception.

It is essential to give utmost importance to the gradient of reaction; any little resistance variation shows a source of pain, here we see the method and purpose of taking care of someone.

For example, to support and move a leg may be simply intended as to lift and rotate and this is another case of action without perception.

To treat a leg, which must be seen as the main escape resource, means to obtain the responsibility of sustain directly by proxy from ileopsoas muscle.

A leg has to be driven to explore which degrees belong to discomfort.

To explore mean moving like walking on a glacier without knowing where are the crevasses, we must spotting the signals when we are still in time to stop. This is attention.

The search of genesis 
means looking for the origin of pain, the vacuum that provokes the fullness, the discomfort that creates tension.

To guess the genesis one must have the aptitude to continue investigate; you should never ever sit down on temporary conclusions.
It is like to trace a family tree, for each effect we must investigate the cause, as Sherlock Holmes in the face of an impossible case.


(1) everything here written is simply my knowledge and experience, sorry to omit references, simply because I don’t know them and I prefer to share, compare and get feedback, thank you.


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